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They who have already lost one or more teeth to decide often for a prosthesis. But here, there is always a difficult question: which prosthesis is the right thing. Finally, there are several possibilities, for there is one for the fixed prosthesis and the other for removal. But even with the materials and the different ways there are still differences. It is also not just talking and eating again work correctly, because the aesthetic aspect to be considered. Finally, one might show a denture again the shining teeth and a good laugh can. For each request, there is the right solution for dentures. When choosing the right prosthesis play the stability of the jaw, the condition of the gingiva or periodontal tissue of the gums and a strong role. The durability of the cost is an important aspect. Anyone who uses the dentures in a dental clinic would be, always has a great choice, because there are fewer and fewer covered by health insurance benefits, so that the patient must sometimes bear the costs themselves (zahnersatz

They should be treated in the care of teeth and gaps, because otherwise it may happen that the remaining teeth move in the direction of the gaps. This results in many small gaps and it will no longer dared to laugh, because the aesthetic is no longer given.

There is a choice of the fixed prostheses, such as a bridge. He not only gives almost natural feeling but it is also simultaneously a solution to long term. However, the fixed prosthesis is more expensive than the removable. Also, can not extend this so well.

A prosthesis, for example, the removable dentures. In contrast to the solid, this flexible and not so expensive. These are just in people who do not have much money and can give rise to the fact that other teeth can fail. But there are also the teeth that are still available to be damaged by a loose denture, because the prosthesis is attached to this. Therefore, can arise in the restorations for removing some risks, which are not previously foreseen.

To find the right solution, there are also various materials and designs that can be selected. But it is usually always the same, namely the cost, which plays a key role. But it must be always considered that it is the more expensive materials have a longer shelf life, so not always be replaced after a few years of dental needs. In the dental clinic, you can learn about the different possibilities for a dental prosthesis, and one should do this also, before deciding on one.

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